Dinesh D'Souza smallHow can Barack Obama demand that others pay higher taxes to help the poor -- even poor people who are not related to them -- while he won't lift a finger to help his own brother?

Dr. Karen Gushta smallHaving seen what can happen to those who voice their belief in biblical marriage -- like Dan Cathy, president of Chick-fil-A -- will evangelicals back away from this issue come November?

Michelle Malkin smallIt looks like VP Joe Biden has been taking extracurricular Democratic jive-talking lessons. And naturally, the defiant Obama campaign backed him up and gave a shout-out of its own.

Thomas Sowell smallIf this year's election is going to be decided on the basis of hard facts, the Obama administration is doomed -- which is why we're hearing distracting innuendoes and outright lies from the Obama campaign.

Daniel Akin smallJesus sees all sexual activity outside heterosexual covenantal marriage as sinful -- and he sees all sin as ultimately an issue of the heart.

movie ticket tinyHow should faith impact culture? And how far should one go to promote a righteous and just society? The movie For Greater Glory wrestles with those questions.

movieboard tinyThe Avengers is about a fundamentally moral battle. It evokes a truth through narrative fiction that we can experience in real life. Christians need to be unafraid to share about their own Avenger and Savior.

See this touching story of Mark and Katharyn Richt and their journey to adopting two children. 

 Unthinkable highlights the incredible story of Scott Rigsby, the first double amputee to complete the Kona Ironman Triathlon.

hell is a scary ending... and a beginning for those who enter, because there's no turning back

When God calls will you answer?


 In this comedy spot from TCT, we see that if you're missing the spiritual growth opportunities in parenting, you're missing the point.

A discussion about missional living in America.

Through our ups and downs, happy days and trials, God is always there molding and shaping us to become who He wants us to be.

 God knows everything about You. God wants you to know Him

Two Kingdoms: Heaven & Hell ...How long and what will it take before you start sharing the gospel with everyone around you?

 Youth Unlimited, shares a story about compassion and "washing other's feet."

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A pilgrim's progress

MonumentIn September 1620 a small band of about 40 British Christians who had separated from the Church of England and had been living in Holland sailed to North America hoping to lay a foundation for a nation unlike any other in human history.


Beware the camel's nose

CamelThere is an old Arab tale about a prince and his camel traveling through the desert. The camel was hot and wanted to shade himself in the tent of the prince. The prince refused. The camel requested that the prince only allow him to shade his nose under the tent. His cry was so pitiful and his eyes so sad that the prince allowed it. Once the camel's nose came in, inch by inch, the rest of the beast followed.

Financial Issues

Dan CeliaI know you have advised us to have the majority of our funds out of the stock market. Do you believe there will be a time when we can safely get back in?

Is America Worth Saving?

Tim WildmonIs America worth trying to save? Save from what you might ask. Is America worth saving from self-destruction? Maybe that's a better question to ask.


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Kneel or perish

/uploadedImages/Journal/September_2012/ChessMen_opt.jpegIt is not simply an effort to carve out a niche for atheists and other secular rebels who exist within the otherwise religious landscape, according to Peter Hitchens, conservative author of The Rage Against God and the brother of the late, outspoken atheist Christopher Hitchens.


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Silver Dollar City

Silver Dollar City 6Silver Dollar City, one of the nation's favorite family theme parks, started with a hole in the ground. Literally, a hole in the ground - Marvel Cave. Hugo and Mary Herschend and their sons Jack and Pete opened Marvel Cave in the mid 1950s in hopes of creating a regional roadside attraction in the Branson, Missouri, Ozark Mountains.


AkosuaAkosua Frimpong survived an abortion, was raised by an aunt who was a pagan priestess, and endured a tragic accident that resulted in the loss of a limb.

Summer meetings a mixed bag on social Issues


Some of America's most influential denominations met this summer to determine whether societal demands or obedience to scriptural authority will dominate their church policy regarding same sex marriage.


The gospel & adoption

Tony & Kim Merida"They love one another, and from the widows, they do not turn away their esteem; they deliver the orphan from him who treats him harshly …  And when they see a stranger, they take him into their homes and rejoice over him as a very brother."          The Apology of Aristides the Philosopher, 125 A.D., quoted in Orphanology.